Type L25 Lift-Tipping Device

> A strong and powerful lift-tipping device for partial or complete emptying of 200 litre + 300 litre standard EURO tubs.
> The coupling for the tubs can be mounted according to needs either on the left or the right hand side.
> The lift-tipping device is operated by a 24V push-button control.
> The upward movement of the tub fork is effected by a lock, downwards movement by, dead man’s control.
> In case of failure an overrun brake locks the container in its current position.
> No suitable for liquids.

Technical Data:

– Lifting capacity: 350Kg
– Lifting height: 1000mm
– Lifting speed: 5m/min
– Connection: 3 x 400V +N+ PE/50Hz
– Motor rating: 0,75 kw
– Drive voltage: 24V
– Safety Classification: IP65

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